Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in food production. This wealth of expertise combined with leading technology, the very best British ingredients and unique meal recipes formulated alongside leading veterinary professionals, means ProDog delivers a (premium) raw dog food menu that is unrivalled in the industry.

All our meat comes from human quality production sources, operating with the best possible welfare practices (and, wherever possible, the livestock is pasture reared) and our factory is DEFRA approved. As a Pet Food Manufacturers Association member, rigorous quality control and testing criteria is required by law.

The meat and offal cuts used in our meal recipes are analysed with a UKAS accredited testing lab for salmonella and enterobacteria, and stored at -18degrees. This temperature is monitored throughout production to ensure that it never rises above -2degrees. Once formulation is completed to the product standard, our meals are immediately placed into blast freezers and maintained at -18degrees until dispatch. 

Ultimately, we love dogs!  As such, we commit to each and every one of our canine customers to give our absolute best to every aspect of our products. From design, to formulation, to production and packaging, we invest our all to ensure we deliver a raw dog food you can trust will help your dogs live their best lives. This is our standard.  This is why we are recommended, stocked and sold by vet practices. This is ProDog Raw. 

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