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Natural Ear Pro Natural Ear Pro
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Extremely Fast Results: Specifically designed to target head shaking, itching, bad odour and wax filled dirty ear canals. Results within 3 days. Simply cleanse the ear each day to get rid of itchy, gunky & smelly ears.100% Natural & Cruelty Free: Pets Purest are the only UK brand who are truly 1..
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100% Natural Ingredients: Pets Purest Eye PRO Wash does not include synthetic ingredients disguised as 'naturally derived' or Sodium Chlorite which is used in BLEACH. Our product is 100% Natural. Simple.No More Itchy, Infected & Sore Eyes: Our advanced natural formula will see results within 3 d..
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Natural Flea Pro Natural Flea Pro
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No Nasty Chemicals: Would you give your pet a tablet or liquid with ingredients that companies try to keep 'secret' and that you can't even pronounce?! If, like us, the answer is NO then our ALL NATURAL Flea, Lice & Tick Spray is the right choice for you. We are proud to tell you our ingredients are..
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