Alaska Dog - Horse - 800g


Alaska Dog - Horse - 800g

Alaska Dog - Horse - 800g

A lovely meal based on 100% lean horse meat, plenty of iron. 

Suitable for all dogs.


85% Horse: meat (50%), heart (10%), meaty ribs (20%), liver (5%), 15% vegetable mix : carrot (5%), spinach (5%), cauliflower (5%).

Store the sealed product in a freezer at -18°C. When the product comes in contact with air, the product can slowly dry out which reduces its nutritive value.

Thaw it in an air tight container in the refrigerator so it will not be in contact with your own food and dehydration will be prevented.

Do not store the meat product longer than two days in the refrigerator. When a package is too big to feed in two days, you can make portions when the product is still frozen and put it back in the freezer.

Prevent cross-contamination by cleaning everything which has been in contact with the meat product, or the packaging of the meat product, with warm water and detergent or a disinfectant.


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