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Alpaca Chunks
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This meat has been sourced locally, bought in on the bone and butchered on site so only prime chunks are used. ..
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Boneless Mixed Offal Mince
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A minced blend of 50% 0x and pig liver and 50% pig testicle, 0x kidney and ox spleen.Mixed 50/50 offal should make up approx 10% of your dogs diet. ..
£3.00 Ex Tax:£3.00
Boneless Veal minced from either dairy calves or calves up to 12 months old ( rose veal) Not crate kept calves.We buy our veal from local abattoirs on the bone and butcher it ourselves.We use quality prime cuts in our minces and not offcuts. ..
£5.60 Ex Tax:£5.60
Lamb or Ox tripe and Chicken Mince approx 10% bone ..
£2.80 Ex Tax:£2.80
Duck and Tripe Mince with Bone
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Duck & TripeA mix of Ox Tripe or Lamb Tripe and minced Duck with approx 10% bone ..
£2.90 Ex Tax:£2.90
Duck Heads
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Pack of 7 Duck Heads localy sourced from free range birds.Please supervise when eating bones. ..
£3.00 Ex Tax:£3.00
Large horse meat chunks from drug free wild ponies.They butcher their horse meat and occasionally the fat content is higher than 9.0 g per 100g so please bear this in mind when purchasing. ..
£6.00 Ex Tax:£6.00
Horse Mince with Veal Bone
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80% meat, 10% bone 10% offalLocally sourced horse meat minced with veal bone minced on a 10ml plate for a chunky mince.We use either veal or horse offal in this mix ..
£6.40 Ex Tax:£6.40
Lamb Ox Chicken and Duck
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80% meat, 10% bone 10% offalAll the ingredients are locally sourced and the composition is as follows;13.2% is skinless chicken thigh, which makes up a portion of the bone content approx 4%12.% is duck wings which will make up the further 6% bone content to make the bone content 10%5..
£5.80 Ex Tax:£5.80
Lamb Trachea
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Lamb trachea sold in packs of 5, full of natural chondroitin and glucosamine to aid elderly dogs with joint issues or growing pups.It can be fed raw and is classed as meat, or it can be dehydrated.If you haven’t a dehydrator place on parchment on a rack over night in your oven on the lowest ..
£2.20 Ex Tax:£2.20
Boneless lamb tripe mince.Warning all tripe has a smell of the countryside and lamb tripe just smells a little stronger of the countryside than Ox.It also has a higher moisture content as it contains less fat than ox tripe. ..
£2.60 Ex Tax:£2.60
Lamb Tripe with Duck
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80% meat, 10% bone 10% offal80% meat made up of 70% lamb tripe and 10% duck meat 10% duck bone 5% pig or ox liver 5% either testicle, ox kidney, ox spleen ..
£3.20 Ex Tax:£3.20
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